Martin Rush MD,
Middletown, Ohio's first psychiatrist

Betty Rush
(Mrs. Martin Rush)



Martin Rush, M.D., Middletown's first psychiatrist, began practicing psychiatry in the 1960s after five years as a family physician. He closed up his practice in September 2010 after being diagnosed with lung cancer and died October 25, 2010. His assessment of his life: "I have had a glo-rious life! I've got nothing to complain about!"

Dr. Rush earned an A.B. magna cum laude at Miami (Ohio) University in 1948 then entered the University of Cincinnati Medical College in 1948 and graduated with an M.D. in 1953. He left his class for two years to attend Oxford University in England 1949-1951 where he earned a B.A. and an M.A. on a Rhodes Scholarship.

He practiced Family Medicine for five years, but then returned to medical college to study psychiatry for three years because he had observed that people's physical illnesses were usually preceded by emotional stress. He wanted to treat the underlying causes instead of symptoms. In 1963 he established an outpatient daytime treatment center which functioned for over 30 years, most recently as The Stress Center.

In recent years, he saw a few, selected patients each week for Insight Psychotherapy. He did not treat emotional problems with medicines alone. Sessions lasting 50 minutes were scheduled, usually weekly, with the aim of curing conditions, not just quieting them with medications indefinitely.
Dr. Rush preferred to see patients with subtle, obscure or unrecognized stresses and welcomed patients with conditions that did not respond to medication alone.

His book, Decoding the Secret Language of Your Body (published by Simon & Schuster 1994, 200 pages) was translated into Spanish and Taiwanese. Music Bravely Ringing, published by iUniverse in 2008, is a memoir of a bomber pilot in WWII.